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Chisum XLT Frame Machine
Simply the Best!

  Chisum Challanger XLT by Chisum Collision Equipment of Mendon, MA

The ™Chisum Difference

Chisum frame straightening machine and collision repair equipment's stringent manufacturing specifications guarantee your ™Challenger XLT frame machine is the finest in the world. As evidence of the Challenger XLT's superior quality and workmanship, simply examine its perfectly smooth, precision-milled tread ways. Or watch one of its towers glide with ease along the entire length of the machine. The difference is visible. That's why the Chisum Challenger XLT frame straightening machine leads the industry,

~ It's built to last ~

Plus, it's got more power. In fact, with a ™Challenger XLT in your shop, you command 30 tons of total pulling power. Each of the machine's legendary ™Chisum towers is powered by SPX hydraulics and can be positioned next to any other tower for combined pulling strength.

Finally, consider the Challenger XLT's convenience. With just the touch of a button you position the vehicle at
your preferred working height for each step in the repair process anywhere from 12" to over 41" off your
shop floor.

Unbeatable quality, comfort, and efficiency!